Explore San Marcos TX – The College Town With A Great Vibe

San Marvelous is the nickname for the San Marcos, and it is a city full of adventures. I graduated from college at Texas State University, and I can definitely attest to the fact that it’s known as a party school. Main Street is full of popular dives for students on Thirsty Thursday and the weekend. While San Marcos may be more of a college town, that’s just the beginning of what you will discover when you visit the city or move there.

Hays County also has its rural and suburban areas. San Marcos is a wonderful place to raise a family. A new stadium was built for the Rattlers not too long ago, and the high school is huge. The Texas State Bobcats transitioned to FBS football a few years back, too. Just recently, I was in San Marcos when visiting family, and I was amazed at the work they had done to the stadium.

They had begun to work on expanding Bobcat Stadium the year before I graduated I believe. I remember they had expanded one side, adding another deck. It looked marvelous. Well now they have expanded all sides, and the stadium is enormous. There is a new overpass there, too, and you even have to wrap around to get to the commuter lot where I used to park.

Texas State is a lovely campus, full of hills, nooks and crannies, and it is landscaped beautifully. I am biased since I went to school there, but it’s really nice and really big. As for other things to do in San Marcos, everyone loves to go to the river. The San Marcos River is a place to go tubing and have all kinds of fun.

If you want to go shopping, there’s not only the Tanger Outlets but the San Marcos Premium Outlets as well. I remember going to Aquarena Springs as a child on vacation. It’s a great place to explore, and the glass bottom boat tour is the main draw. There are nature trails for you to enjoy, and you can also make use of the picnic areas.

The Wonder World Cave and Park is another place in San Marcos that you will want to explore if you have time. There are many other things to do and of course popular places to eat, too. Whether you’re planning to relocate to San Marcos or just enjoy a nice vacation, the city is full of energy and will find you having a lot of fun.